Students must conduct their own research to find an experiential learning opportunity. Finding an internship or professional work experience is much like conducting a job search. Students should consider a variety of means including networking, attending job and internship fairs, and using reliable internet sites. Additionally, students should be prepared to make decisions such as:

  • What are your career goals for after graduation?
  • What companies or organizations offer the experiences you are looking to gain?
  • Where would you like to go for the experience? Are you willing to stay local, nationwide, or global?

Places to look: advertising agencies, media production or communications companies, public relations firms, community publications, magazine publishers, book publishers, school programs, youth programs, family programs, non-profit organizations, nonpartisan groups and organizations, sports organizations, health organizations, hospitals, private corporations and businesses, city government and services, state government entities, social justice organizations, television stations, radio stations, local chamber of commerce, community and cultural festivals, professional organizations, Washington Center Internship Program, Walt Disney World Internship Program

For tips on finding, preparing for, or reporting an internship, students can visit the University of Iowa Pomerantz Career Center website.

Some suggested websites:

Students are responsible for researching the validity of any organization(s) to which they are applying and verifying the information contained in job postings, even if those postings appeared on the HireaHawk system, were sent via university email listservs, were shared by faculty/staff members, or were distributed using any other university resource. The Department of Communication Studies makes no guarantee about positions approved for enrollment in COMM:2828:0001. The department is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or other aspects of employment.

Students should also review information available from the Pomerantz Career Center about spotting fraudulent employers and postings.

If you have questions or concerns about the legitimacy of an employer or position announcement, contact the Pomerantz Career Center at 319-335-1023 or or contact the instructor of COMM:2828, or the Communication Studies Educational Advisor, Andrea Krekel.