Undergrad Programs

Many professions are looking for people who can engage others using effective communication skills; Communication Studies does just that. 

Communication Studies is one of the largest majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. In Communication Studies, you will learn about communication practices and processes, contexts in which communication occurs, and the theories and research that faculty and others use to understand communication in all its varieties.

Our undergraduate program provides students with opportunities to develop skills and knowledge to meet the complex communication challenges of the 21st century whether in the workplace, in everyday life or just as a well-rounded thinking citizen. Our program prepares students to move into any number of professions where people are required to engage in one another using effective communication skills. Our goal is to develop sophisticated producers and consumers of communication who understand how face-to-face, public, and media-based communication messages influence and shape everyday life and public opinion. Students will learn critically to analyze and evaluate communication practices and be able to apply practical oral, written, and visual communication skills and knowledge. Communication studies is a primary context in which to develop excellent skills in critical thinking.

Why Communication Studies at Iowa?

Why Iowa?

Meet some of our students and find out why Communication Studies at the University of Iowa was the right choice for them.