The Media History & Culture specialization focuses on critical and historical approaches to understanding modern media as technological, institutional, and cultural forces. In particular, our expertise lies in race and media, media institutions, media reception, audiences and fandoms, infrastructure, media history, media theory, and transnational media.

Like the department’s other graduate programs, the MHC program has a strong interdisciplinary flavor. Students draw not only on allied areas in the department but on fields across the University, including American Studies, Cinema and Comparative Literature, History, Journalism and Mass Communication, Political Science, POROI, Sociology, and Women’s Studies.

Current graduate courses in Media History & Culture include:

  • Theories of Mass Communication
  • Critical Television Studies
  • Cultural History of Radio
  • Global Media
  • Internet History
  • Media Audiences
  • New Materialisms

Faculty Specializing in this Area

Kembrew McLeod

Kembrew McLeod, Ph.D.

Department Chair
Tim Havens

Tim Havens, Ph.D.

Joy Hayes

Joy Elizabeth Hayes, Ph.D.

Rita Zajacz

Rita Zajacz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies