In the Department of Communication Studies, undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty work side-by-side to conduct breakthrough research and creative production that advances humanity’s understanding of ourselves and the complex, ever-changing world in which we live. You’ll be studying at the top-tier, AAU-accredit public research university alongside professors who are at the forefront of their discipline.

The department specializes in three areas that all collaborate to gain understanding and explain how different modes and media of communication shape people’s everyday lives.

Areas of Specialization

Two females students talking during Rachel McLaren's class

Interpersonal Communication & Relationships

How the communicative practices of relating in everyday life create, keep, and change who we are as individuals and the quality of our lives as social beings.

A student presenting on their research

Media History & Culture

Critical and historical approaches to understanding modern media as technological, institutional, and cultural forces.

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Rhetoric, Culture, Engagement

Rhetoric as world-making by fostering erratic intersections between materiality, culture, and power in an ever-changing world.

Research Participant Program

Participate in research studies within the Department of Communication Studies.

Research Participant Program

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