Andrew Parayil Boge

Graduate Student

Andrew Boge is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Communication Studies with a concentration in Rhetoric, Culture, Engagement. He studies rhetorics of race/racism and specializes in South Asian American racialization. His dissertation engages the early history of anti-South Asian racism in the United States between the 1900s and roughly 1939. The project analyzes a variety of archival materials, from newspapers to Supreme Court cases to Depression-era Hollywood films, to argue that brownness emerges as a unique rhetorical logic of race-making to discipline South Asian Indians as subordinate racial subjects within the prevailing white supremacist racial order in the United States. Tracing the emergence of anti-brownness as a distinct mode of racialization highlights brownness as a discursive tool of power, not just a vexed identity marker. The project aims to uncover the discursive processes that underwrite the stabilization of racial hierarchies.

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134 Becker Communication Studies Building (BCSB)
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